10 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time to Think About Your Queensland Sea Change

Cashing in and heading north to warmer climates and a more relaxed lifestyle is nothing new for Sydneysiders and Melbournites. Now, more than ever, locations like Queensland are attracting city dwellers and empty nesters looking to make a well-deserved sea change.

Sophisticated developments around Queensland have sprung up offering a slice of Sydney or Melbourne but without the hassle and the price tag.

Chevron Island is one of the new hotspots that has been able to corner the market in both sophisticated, luxury living with a relaxed coastal vibe, and developments like Chevron One Residences that offer a unique lifestyle experience have the greatest appeal and the most to offer. So, what exactly makes these locations and residences so appealing to city dwellers south of the border?

1. Queensland is COVID safer!

Queensland has fortunately experienced far fewer cases and casualties than those states south of the border such as Victoria and NSW who have been hit hard by the pandemic. Much of the frustrating restrictions in place in these states don’t apply and Queenslanders are enjoying far more peace of mind with life being impacted far less. This point alone makes Queensland in this time a very appealing state to live.


2. The Weather

This is the obvious drawcard. The endless summer that Queenslanders enjoy all year round has been drawing Australians from more extreme and temperate climates for years. When winter sets in south of the border, Queenslanders enjoy average temperatures of 21 degrees.

Compare that with Sydney that averages 17 degrees in winter or worse still, Melbourne at a bitterly cold 13 degrees. It’s not hard to see the attraction of moving north.


3. Beautiful Weather Equals a Much Healthier Lifestyle

With an average of 6 to 9 hours of sunshine a day and balmy temps even in the winter months, there is much more impetus to hit the beach, take your boat out for a sail or begin that new early morning soft sand running regime. Locations like Chevron Island also boast fantastic walkways with much of commuting by foot being on flat, wide, and well-paved ground.

The same goes for scenic walkways along rivers and ocean promenades. The rhythm of Queenslanders is more aligned with nature, rising with the sun for an early morning surf and relaxing on your balcony for cocktail hour watching the sunset to wind down your day.

4. A Vibrant Restaurant and Café Culture

Another appealing development is the prolific growth of the café and restaurant scene in Queensland over the past years. Locations like Chevron Island offer a range of cosmopolitan restaurants and bars and whether you want a sophisticated, upscale experience or something more casual, you’ll have all bases covered.

Some of the best places to dine on the island are Fu Manchu Oriental, an excellent Asian fusion cocktail bar and restaurant, or head to Wagyu Ya on Chevron for its famous and memorable Japanese Wagyu. For a more casual eatery try Bonsai Espresso, a hip venue with a cute alfresco area offering both excellent food and the perfect brew.


5. A Low Maintenance Lifestyle

There is an ease of living that comes with selling the family home with all its ongoing maintenance and upkeep and trading up for luxury apartment living. With developments like Chevron One Residences there will be no more lawns to cut, weeds to pull and gutters to clean which equals no fuss, no worry, just lock up and leave.

Selling the family home in Melbourne or Sydney where property prices have skyrocketed and upgrading to your own private resort style club living in Queensland where property is far more affordable makes good sense.


6. The Perfect Location for Family Holidays with Grandkids

No maintenance luxury apartment living means you will be able to do more of the things you love, including spending more time with your family and loved ones, and the Gold Coast is THE perfect destination for family holidays.

Fly your grandkids up for a winter’s escape and you will have a myriad of choices for entertainment. Whether it’s theme parks like Sea World or Dreamworld or unspoiled beaches with great surfing, you will be spoilt for choice. There’s also world-class zoos and wildlife sanctuaries to explore along with stunning nature trails and camping spots. All of this at your doorstep, just a stone’s throw away from Chevron Island.

7. More Bang for your buck

Making your money go further makes moving to the Gold Coast a winning choice for the savvy homeowner in Sydney and Melbourne. Similar sized apartments in Melbourne and Sydney have price points significantly more expensive, and for the cost of a pretty ordinary location in the outer suburbs of Sydney or Melbourne, you will be able to trade up and live in the best locations in Queensland.

Places like Chevron One Residences, that are close to all the vibrant energy of cosmopolitan living but provides a quiet sanctuary away from all the hustle and bustle, offers the best of both worlds. Being able to enjoy all the amenities of a club style resort but with none of the upkeep also adds to the appeal


8. A little Slice of Melbourne and Sydney on the Gold Coast

Locations like Chevron Island ensure you won’t miss big city living. A Chevron Island macchiato will rival any you will find in Melbourne and Sydney, in fact many successful business owners from the southern states are also making the transition north. T

he Lean Chef, an eatery on Chevron Island, has been set up by Ex-Melbourne restaurateur and chef, Enzo Loterzo. The menu is wholesome and diverse and offers up excellent brunch and coffee. Making the move to sophisticated hubs like this with their village feel and world-class café and restaurant culture offers all the pleasures and diversity of Australia’s major cities without the traffic jams, inflated housing prices, and overcrowded suburbs.


9. Gold Coast Culture

Moving north is not all about beaches and cocktails, there’s so much more on offer. There is a ton of creativity and culture to be explored in the Gold Coast. The HOTA Arts Precinct offers dedicated cultural spaces with weekly gigs and world-class curated art exhibitions, gallery events, and performances.

If you love theatre, cabaret, and the visual arts, then you’ll want to visit the Bleach Festival that rolls into town every March and celebrates the vibrant creativity and culture that hums in this city. All this is just a stroll across the new bridge from Chevron Island.

10. Everyone is doing it!

With so many people from Melbourne and Sydney making the transition and moving up the coast, you’ll feel right at home. Be surrounded by and connect to like-minded people and enjoy all the culture and diversity you love and are used to. Chevron One Residences will be a place you can happily call home.

Whether it’s the endless summer, or the relaxed yet cosmopolitan vibe, Queensland is without doubt the hotspot for a sea change.


Make your move to your own piece of paradise where vibrant living combines with a peaceful hassle-free lifestyle. Chevron Island really does have it all and is the choice decision for the savvy southerner.




Contact Stephen Edwards on 0418 766 997
or Eason Wang on 0425 199 618
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Contact Stephen Edwards on 0418 766 997
or Eason Wang on 0425 199 618
to schedule a viewing today